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About Us

Our mission is to make the hobby fun and affordable. For us this is not just a statement –we are doing lots of things to ensure that we achieve our aim.


After lots of work our website is now in much better shape(still not perfect).

Please check it out and if you have any feedback it will be welcome.




Hi Everyone. For news and interesting information about us, please be sure to visit our Blog page by following the link below.

Welcome to RC Hobby Shop

Welcome to our New Website.

Our website is now completely functional - not perfect, but we are getting there with lots of work.

Our blog is active - a few new articles every month.


If you require something we don 't have, we can usually get it - all we ask is that if it's more than R500 we will need full payment up front.

For repairs of products we stock - we send back to our supplier.

Postage costs for local deliveries:

If the total value of the purchase is R1500 or more the postage cost is free.

If the total value of the purchase is less than R1500 the postage cost is R50.

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