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Black Horse Mohawk EP BH49

Black Horse Mohawk EP BH49
R 3,599.00 (incl. VAT)

Stock Code: AA47

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Wing span: 1450 mm
Total Length: 1200 mm
Weight: 2500 g
Wing construction: CNC cut Balsa Ribs covered with OracoverTM
Fuselage construction: CNC cut Balsa Ribs covered with OracoverTM
Stabilizer/Fin construction: Balsa
Finishing (Fuselage): Foil covered
Finishing (Wing): Foil covered
Propeller (recommend): 2 x 2-Blade propeller
Motor (recommend): 2 x Brushlessmotor
ESC (recommend): 2 x Brushless Programmable ESC
Transmitter (recommend): 4-Ch. 2.4GHz Radio System
Receiver (recommend): 4-Ch. 2.4GHz Receiver
Servo (recommend): 6 x servos
Battery (recommend): 2 x 3S 11,1V Li-Po 2.000mAh Battery

Product Information:
The MOV-1 Mohawk is an observation and reconnaissance aircraft.
She was built in between 1949 till 1969.
Powered with tow turboprops she flew really slow but agile.
Therefore the cockpit was armoured with 64 mm aluminium plate and bulletproof glass.
The model fuselage is made of CNC cut Balsa covered with OracoverTM.
The wings and stabilizers are made of CNC cut Balsa and are covered with OracoverTM.
Instead of electrical power the Decathlon can also powered with a 2/4 stroke engine.
This model is best for advanced pilots.
A detailed and pictured manual for easy understanding as well as all necessary parts like, screws, push-rod links etc. are included.

1 x Black Horse OV-1 Mohawk, Colour: grey
All Pushrods, Control Linkages, Hinges, Screws, Nuts and Bolts
1 x set main landing gear
1 Nose landing gear steerable
3 x wheels
2 x GFK cowl
1 x clear canopy
1 x fuel tank
2 x engine bracket
1 x decal set
1 x Manual