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T-28 Trojan S RTF with SAFE

T-28 Trojan S RTF with SAFE
R 2,579.00 (incl. VAT)

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Based on the North American Aviation aircraft that served as a military trainer for nearly 30 years, the HobbyZone T-28 Trojan S makes it easy to learn to fly RC successfully in more places than ever before.
Its ultra-micro size, lightweight, and durable airframe allow it to be flown in small parks, large yards and even indoors over a basketball court.
With SAFE (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) technology, you can teach yourself to fly in multiple modes, from Beginner to Experienced, and instantly return to steady flight using the Panic Recovery trigger in any flight mode.
The T-28 Trojan S arrives completely factory-assembled and ready to fly right out of the box - no setup required!
This RTF version includes a 6-channel transmitter equipped with Spektrum DSMX 2.4GHz technology, AA batteries for the transmitter, a 150mAh 1S 3.7V LiPo battery delivering long flight times and a charger for convenient charging from just about any USB port.
That means there's nothing extra to buy. Just charge the battery and get ready to fly!
Horizon Hobby-exclusive SAFE technology prevents over-control and crashing while also offering multiple modes that deliver more control as your skills progress:
Beginner Mode
Pitch and bank angle limits prevent over-control that can result in a loss of orientation and crashes.
When the control sticks are released the airplane returns to level flight on its own. Best of all takeoffs are as simple as giving full throttle and letting the airplane fly off a smooth surface or by giving it a quick hand launch, and landings are as easy as lowering the throttle and letting it glide to a landing on its own.
Intermediate Mode
More freedom in pitch and bank, but still prevents over-control and does not return to level flight on its own.
This mode allows you to make tighter turns in smaller areas and to climb and descend faster as your skills advance.
Experienced Mode
No pitch or bank angle limits so you have complete control!
You can even fly inverted/upside down and perform aerobatic maneuvers including loops, rolls, stall turns and more.
And if you ever lose orientation or control you can activate the self-leveling Panic Recovery Mode by releasing the control sticks and pressing the trigger on the transmitter.
Channels: 4
Charger: USB (Included)
Completion Level: Ready-to-Fly
Flying Weight: 1.65 oz (47.0g)
Landing Gear: Yes
Length: 13.5 in (343mm)
Material: Foam
Minimum Required Radio: 6-Channel Transmitter is included
Motor Size: 8.5mm Brushed
Recommended Motor Battery: 150mah 1S (included)
Servos: Linear
Wingspan: 16.8in (426mm)