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Meet the Team

Owner: Oscar Smith

Oscar Smith is an oldish guy (let’s not give away the exact age) that recently retired from the corporate world of reinsurance where he travelled extensively.
He also did real flying, including instruction on light aircraft (singles and twins) and had a share in an Albatross (P166s) until a health problem put an end to the flying in 2006 at which stage he had accumulated 2200 flying hours of which about 1500 were instruction.
Since then he has built and flown all kinds of rc model aircraft including the recent acquisition of a Turbonator Turbine model (Kingtech powered). He does not do ARFs as a rule and prefers doing it the old way - built from a kit or a plan.
He bought the shop at the beginning of May 2016 and runs it full time – when he hasn’t snuck away to fly at Peninsula Radio Flyers or Southern Soarers. He says he is happy to give himself permission to go flying during office hours?
He has also set up a workbench in the shop and will often sneak away from his desk to make a little progress with the project on the building board- sounds like a great job.