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Getting in the air with a FODA D-16


The following guide is to help new pilots get in the air with the FODA D-16 quadcopter, it will be mostly applicable to any FODA quad.
Check out our video if you don't feel like reading

Battery Charging

  1. ·         Plug the battery charger into a USB port, the light will go on
  2. ·         Plug the battery into the charger, the light will go off
  3. ·         When battery is charged the light will come back on

Powering up the Quadcopter

Open the access panel on the rear of the quad, you will see a red connector that matches the one on the battery.

There is no on/off switch, plugging the battery in turns the quad on (but the motors will not spin until they are "armed" by the transmitter).

After power-up the Quadcopter should be immediately placed on a level surface until the lights start flashing (this calibrates the flight controller, so that it knows which was is up)

Installing the Mobile Application (VS_UFO)

The mobile app can be used to view and record video from the quad as well as an alternate control method.

Firstly you will need to download the application by scanning the QR code on the box (or simply navigate to this address:

You may get a warning that "this type of file can harm your device", this is because you are installing an application from a manufacturer that has not been verified, just select "OK"

If your device asks which program to complete the action with, select "package installer"

Accept privacy settings (the application needs access to WiFi etc in order to connect to the Quadcopter)

Stream Video to Mobile Application

Ensure that the Quadcopter is powered up.

Connect to the "VSCAM" or similarly named access point in your phone's wireless browser.

Open the VS_UFO application and press the "play" button, you will shortly see video from the quad's onboard camera

Getting off the  Ground

Make sure that the quad is calibrated (place on a level surface immediately after installing the battery until the lights stop flashing)

For your first flight you will find it easiest to have the quad facing away from you, so that you are looking at it from behind.

Turn on the transmitter 

Before you can go anywhere you need to arm the motors by pulling the throttle stick (lefthand) from bottom to top and back to the bottom.

Left-hand stick controls:

  • Lift/Throttle (up/down)
  • Yaw (turn on the spot, left/right)

Right-hand stick controls:

  • Roll (left/right, corresponds to "sliding" to the left or right without turning)
  • Pitch (forward/backward, corresponds to forward or backward speed)